Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to take this time to thank Delilah Varnum for her encouragement. She is a powerhouse at encouraging women to seek out their giftings from God. I had been a published writer within my Church circles and had some articles written that I wanted to see if it would reach a broader and more diverse group of people. She asked me to submit an article to INCREASE Magazine and it was accepted. Because of that acceptance, I was encouraged within my heart to continue in my writing and to maybe one day write my own book.

That dream became a reality in May 2017, when I was blessed to publish my very first book!! Yes, I am now a published Author of Thursday’s Word Devotional. It gives me great joy to know that I am walking in the will that God has for my life. I was not fearful, nor discouraged any longer, because Delilah prayed over me and talked to me about my gift and how it was a blessing from God. She has a unique gift in gently yet firmly encouraging and empowering the women she comes in contact with in and outside her ministry. She has no walls up, so anyone who needs encouraging she will take the time to encourage.

Thank you so much Delilah Varnum for sharing your gift with all us women.

Author, Brenda Smith

Thursday's Word Devotional

Oh Delilah, I’m soooo thankful and proud of your auspicious business, I’m soooo blessed to know you!!!!!! Because of you what another tried to sabotage it was restored and presented to the nations with excellent. The world needs to meet this Apostolic Prophetess of GOD that excelled at pushing others to the finish line of their assignments. Thank you for publishing and distributing my books and CD’s. Love you and be blessed!!!!!

Dr. Prophetess Frances Cleveland

Hannah Son's & Daughter's International Prayer Ministry

Prophetess! I just want to thank you for your words of wisdom the last few nights! My vision has manifested right before my eyes in less than 24 hours! I didn’t think I would have support or no one would want to participate I was a little discouraged! But your words lit the fire in me and I didn’t have self confidence in this thing but I had God confidence and I have officially started my support group for single mothers called #singlemothersmatter thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Courtney Machel Marie

Single Mother's Matter

Prophetess Delilah has been a blessing in my life and my ministry. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish but did not know how to do it. I need 501C3 status and help building out my programs and she was so anointed in getting it done. she published all of my books and help me strategize many projects. If you are looking to push your Nonprofit to success you need to connect with her today.”

Nakaie Dorsey

Appointed Time International Ministries


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